Well, it's the day after Christmas -- Santa has packed up his sh*t and ditched town for another whole year -- and we're left with some stuff we want, some stuff we don't want and some stuff we haven't yet figured out. Like me, most of you will probably head on back to the mall today or over the weekend to do some returning, and with that extra cash in your pocket you might be looking for something film-related to pick up. Well, those new and old Blu-ray costumers should seriously run on over to Amazon.com, who have put roughly 200 titles on sale for 50% off.

There's no time like the present to stock your Blu-ray library, and if you haven't picked them up already, here are a few titles we definitely recommend WALL-E ($24.49), Bottle Rocket Criterion Collection ($23.99), The Thing ($16.49), The Shining ($13.99), A Clockwork Orange ($13.99) and The Nightmare Before Christmas. That should get you started ... now head on over to Amazon.com to check out the rest.

We here at Cinematical hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!