Perhaps I'm still feeling the cheer of holiday beer, but I'm absolutely loving the above trailer for John Travolta's new film, From Paris with Love. Think Pulp Fiction meets a razor, and then layers of deliciously silly movie camp and a move overseas.

The film stars John Travolta as an American spy who teams up with an embassy worker (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) "during a tumultuous time in Paris." While it isn't quite as bad as big, bad men bringing out The Gimp, there does seem to be a decent amount of explosions and mayhem. Better yet, the film was written by Luc Bessoin and Adi Hasak, and penned by District B13 director Pierre Morel.

The campy trailer could be just a fluke of crappy marketing, but with this combination of talent, I'm thinking that audiences are in for a strange and amusing ride! At the very least, it's nice to see Travolta tapping into his inner badass once again, rather than a fat suit and dress.