With all the different holidays in December, I'm sure a good majority of you received at least one gift at some point in the last week or so. And seeing as most of the folks who read this blog are serious movie nerds, we're guessing your gift(s) were related to movies in some way, shape or form. Perhaps you took our advice and purchased something from our should-be-award-winning Holiday Movie Junk series (which, due to its popularity, will continue into the new year under the title Movie Junk), or maybe you did your own research and smoked out a tasty little movie-related treat so random and so absurd that you're just dying to share it with someone else.

Me? I didn't get much. The only movie-related thing I really asked for was A Christmas Story on Blu-ray, which I received, but haven't watched yet. Like most of you, we kept our spending to a minimum this year. But I'm curious to hear what cool movie-related gear you all received. Let us know in the comments section below -- and try to tell us where it's from if it isn't obvious.
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