It was only a matter of time before this sort of thing popped up on YouTube, and I'm kinda diggin' it. First we have a short called The Time Machine, which lets you choose which path Chad, Matt and Rob take -- so long as they make it to their 12 o'clock meeting without dying. Yes, you actually have to pay attention and make decisions while watching this short (I know, bonkers!), but it's kinda fun and the leads are dopey and likable. Check it out below.

Next up we have a short created by SpecBox that looks to be part of a larger series as they've launched with Episode One: Baby, It's Been A Long Day. Here, this dude's girlfriend is pissed off at her man for loving his computer more than her, and so she steals the thing. Once he arrives home, the viewer then has a few options as to which course he takes next ... though I will say they could've been a bit more creative here since it appears there's really no way to change the outcome of the story. Check it out below.

Do you like the whole Choose Your Own Adventure short film, or is it too bothersome?