2008 was a year of incredible casts -- just about every film released this year can elicit a "Holy crap, do you know who all is in that? It has to be good!" This was a year that saw Oscar-winning actresses in popcorn flicks like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Speed Racer, Edward Norton go green and hulking, and Tom Cruise nominated for a prosthetics-heavy cameo. That many of the films didn't live up to the cast's potential (The Women, Deception and Righteous Kill, to name three random examples) is disappointing, expected, and ultimately something to wonder "With a cast like that, how did they blow it?" in years to come.

However, many of the movies did get it right -- and it is really hard to narrow it down to seven. I tried to avoid the obvious picks such as The Dark Knight, decided the vocal talent of Kung Fu Panda didn't count,and tried to throw in some unexpected and overlooked casts. Hey, I have to leave you something to disagree with, right?

1.Tropic Thunder

Hands down, this is the best ensemble of the year. Not only is practically everyone in Hollywood in it (and whoever isn't, they're mocking), but they all managed to be funny. There's a million ways this cast could have gone wrong, but they managed to get it right. That's pretty rare for any ensemble, let alone a comedic one.
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