While we were curled up in our homes, stuffing ourselves on cookies and ripping open presents, two of our beloved female icons passed away.

By now you've probably heard that Eartha Kittsuccumbed to colon cancer on Christmas Day at the age of 81. To me (like many), she'll always be the woman who made rolling, feline rrrrrr's sound perfectly natural and downright sexy on the completely ridiculous and lovable Batman. In more recent years, she voiced Yzma on The Emperor's New Groove series, and played the evil Lola Dede in the adaptation of Anne Rice's Feast of all Saints.

On that very same Christmas Day, The Hollywood Reporter posts that the wonderful Ann Savage passed away at the age of 87. The '40s movie actress had suffered a series of strokes recently, and died in her sleep at a nursing home. To some, she was Sister Harriet from Fire with Fire, to others, she's Guy Maddin's mother in My Winnipeg, and to most, she's the unstoppable, blackmailing dame named Vera from Detour.

Both actresses will be sorely missed. Each put their unstoppable and powerful stamp on Hollywood, and we're all the luckier for having gotten to know them on the big screen. Hop through the jump for a look at Kitt in all of her purring wonder, and the magnetic poll that is Ann Savage as Maddin's mother.
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