There are some things you must do in the name of the Geek Beat – and for me, it was seeing The Spirit. I knew that it wouldn't be good. I've known that since ComicCon. But seeing as some of the first pieces I did here on Cinematical were on this film, I had to see the journey to the bitter, bloody end.

There's nothing to say about it, really. It was too earnest to ever be a camp classic, and it was too campy to appeal to anyone. The frustrating thing was that it had potential. There were some moments, moments I can't really pinpoint now, where I thought: "This could have been a cool movie." Then the Octopus melted a kitten while wearing a Nazi uniform, so you know, I might have just been hallucinating some sanity where there was none. But the consensus among my gang was that if it had been directed by anyone other than Frank Miller, it could have been pretty good.
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