Are you one of those people who feel Steven Spielberg lost that "it" factor -- that special something that made him so famous? (Or, at the very least, massacred Indiana Jones?) If so, maybe it's time we inspired him with new radio dental implants and fuzzy televisions? (That comment was not out of left field, I swear! Read on...)

Above you can check out a brief old-school conversation between Spielberg, Andy Warhol, and Bianca Jagger. While Warhol was usually tapped as the kooky member of the bunch, ol' Steve steals that honor -- chattering on about his belief that ghosts are trying to get out of fuzzy television sets, and fillings in his teeth that he swears let him listen to radio.

Hmm ... Maybe reminding him of his past beliefs isn't the best idea. I mean, after the ending of Crystal Skull, I'm not sure I want any more fantastical* twists. Nevertheless, it's wild to see Andy looking downright simple in comparison.

*For lack of a more appropriate, but spoiler-free word...

[via Movie City Indie]