This just in: Cinematical loves movies. So I thought it would be smart to poll the Cine staff, get a bunch of Top 10s, send all the data over to Goss for the math, and then publish the list here for everyone to see. Yes, that's right: We have a Top 10 Movies of 2008 article. We expect to start a big trend with this piece.

01)The Dark Knight -- The highest-grossing film of the year (and second-highest of all time) also happened to be one of the best films of the year -- how often does that happen? Christopher Nolan's dark morality play had something for fanboys, film critics, and regular moviegoers alike, making it the rare entertainment spectacle that actually deserved the attention it received. The bar keeps getting raised on "superhero" movies, but can the genre get much better than this? -- Eric D. Snider

02)Let the Right One In -- One of the strangest, sweetest, and most unexpectedly powerful films of the year. This tale of a vampiric young girl and her human new friend is one of those horror movies that reminds you how excellent the genre CAN be. -- Scott Weinberg

03)Slumdog Millionaire -- I hate to be the fuddy-duddy who goes for the conventional, predictable pick, but this year I can't help it. The best film of Danny Boyle's career is a fairytale, wrenching and funny and impossibly rousing; it transported me to another world, made me cry and want to leap out of my seat. By the time the closing Bollywood dance number wrapped up, I had given Slumdog my heart. -- Eugene Novikov