Why doesn't Jerry O'Connell get loads of big-screen work? WHY, Hollywood? WHY? The guy has been comedy gold on Funny or Die, and now he gets to impregnate Rebecca Romijn's Mystique, which you can see above.

The clip is set up to be a "classic clip from the sitcom Mystique and Me, where Jerry gets Mystique pregnant with a non-shape-shifting baby." So, while Rebecca might be able to morph into anyone, including Jerry Minor, that baby bump remains, as does her anger over getting impregnated with inferior human sperm.

But methinks she might be off on her reasoning. What if she was carrying a mutant who caught on fire every time he was completely relaxed? Or a girl whose skin lets loose pointy horns in anything but perfect silence? Methinks she should've just morphed her eggs into something Jerry's sperm wouldn't recognize.