I generally don't "do" New Years' resolutions. Partially because I'm lazy but also because I'm pretty much perfect, and I think it's kind of disrespectful to God if I try to improve myself too much. But this year I'm actively working on a spec script, and so I've resolved myself to getting the damn thing finished. I've also made a resolution to never again see a movie at the UA Grant Plaza theater, but that decision won't mean a thing if you don't live in Northeast Philadelphia.

And then here are a list of resolutions I should make, but would never be able to follow through on:

1. No more enjoyment of Milla Jovovich movies.
2. Stop treating horror flicks like real movies when I watch / review them.
3. No more soda pop purchases at the multiplex!
4. Find something amusing about Adam Sandler.
5. Stop lusting over Jennifer Connelly already!
6. Throw in the towel on M. Night Shyamalan.
7. Forget John Carpenter ever making a good flick again.
8. Find something tolerable about Tyler Perry's movies.
9. Find a way to cover hardcore pornography at Cinematical.
10. Start recommending Martyrs to old ladies and young children.

So even though you've probably made your New Years' resolutions already, I challenge you to come up with a few movie-related ones and share 'em with the rest of us. Ooh, here's a serious one: I will buy a Blu-Ray this year.
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