We've all heard the stories -- some scout happened into some mall or cafe, saw a stunning girl, and suddenly she became a famous supermodel or actress, rocketed to superstardom. But have no fear -- it's not only for the young lookers these days. The Mirror reports that a homeless man in the UK nabbed a part in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes.

Raymond Emanuel had been taking care of his ill mother, and when the money ran out, he found himself on the streets. Seven months later, a talent scout saw him leave a movie theater he'd gone into to warm up, and immediately offered him a role in the film. He was on set the next day as an MP in the House of Commons (you'll be able to see him on the front bench when the film comes out). While it wasn't a big money payoff for the man (just £20 for the costume fitting and £75 for acting), he's already found a new flat in Longsight and his agent is looking for more work.

In the neverending torrent of bad-economy news, it's nice to see at least one success story. Best of luck, Mr. Emanuel!
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