Not sure if you folks remember, but at the end of 2007 a dude by the name of Matt Shapiro pieced together a couple of pretty cool videos (called 2007: A Year for Drama and 2007: A Year for Action) that were basically a well-edited montage of films from that year. Well, Shapiro is back again with another video chronicling 2008 called 2008: The Cinescape, and set to the tune of Hoppipola by Sigur Ros, the video takes a look back at all the movies we loved to watch and talk about and watch again throughout the year. This time around, however, Shapiro cuts out any and all pieces of dialogue and simply edits the images to the music. The video itself is a tad heavy on The Dark Knight, Cloverfield and WALL-E (or at least it felt that way), but it's fun to watch nonetheless. Check out a list of movies (in order of their appearance in the video) after the jump.

[via Slashfilm]