Yesterday was the first Friday of the new year, and not ONE wide release hit the screens. But I could have sworn that the first Friday of the year was reserved for a massive crap-heap of alleged horror! Nope, but the guys at After Dark Horrorfest saw an opportunity, which is why we'll get NINE new scare flicks next week! Oh wait, I almost forgot...

Autopsy (After Dark) -- Hospital-style hell. Often attempted, rarely well.
The Broken (After Dark) -- Lena Headey. Richard Jenkins. Evil doppelganger. Slick flick.
The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations (After Dark) -- A theatrical-release sequel to a DTV sequel. Weird.
Dying Breed (After Dark) -- Horror from down unda'. Familiar but effective. I dug it.
From Within (After Dark) -- Also known as The Tribeca Nap.
Perkins' 14 (After Dark) -- A bunch of brainwashed folks go psycho. Sounds cool.
Slaughter (After Dark) -- Chick moves to a haunted farm. Really?
The Unborn (Rogue) -- David Goyer. Undead kid. Cloverfield hottie. PG-13.
Voices (After Dark) -- Occult from Korea.
My Bloody Valentine 3-D (Lionsgate) -- Good, goofy, gory fun. Find a 3-D theater.
Donkey Punch (Magnet) -- Stylish, nasty, sexy, speedy.
The Lodger (Sony) -- It was a book before Hitchcock got there. Solid cast, too.
Outlander (Third Rail) -- Aliens, Vikings & Monsters. Oh my.
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (Screen Gems) -- Aren't we about due for Underworld vs. Resident Evil?
The Uninvited (Paramount) -- Remake of the excellent Tale of Two Sisters. PG-13.
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