It's about to screen during the After Dark Horrorfest, but before it does, a creepy trailer for Slaughter has hit the net and you can check it out above. Not to be confused withthis Slaughter(which is, rumor has it, on hold), the film focuses on two girls who befriend each other. The one has an abusive ex, so she moves to her new friend's family farm. Unfortunately, one horror is traded for another.

The film is a mixture of the premise of how well we know our roommates and their families, and the modern-day interpretation of a true story that happened a century ago. What story that is, however, is under wraps -- supposedly to avoid spoiling the film. It looks pretty cool, and it's certainly a mystery to solve. Which true story is it!? Gah ... The curiosity! They took exactly the right angle to lure me in -- my obsession to read up on the true stories behind truth-based films. But what about you?

If you're itching to find out, the film premieres at the fest on January 9th.