Meet a band that redefines hardcore in this award winning doc.

Heavy metal bands are known for their uproarious sound, grinding rhythms, brutal lyrics, and deathly associations. One band blurs the line where the music stops and the brutality of real life begins, as a passion for music translates into a battle to stay alive.

'Heavy Metal in Baghdad' tells the story of Acrassicauda, the Iraqi metal band whose dream arose from ashes of Saddam's defeat in 2003, only to be deterred by the violent insurgence that their country would soon become engulfed in. Filmmakers Eddy Moretti and Suroosh Alvi capture how practicing became an exercise in terror for a music group in constant fear of coalition snipers.

Critically acclaimed and named Best Documentary at the 24th Warsaw Film Festival, 'Heavy Metal in Baghdad' examines a new angle of the war in Iraq as it shows human passion in its purest form. Watch the film in full, or snag it onto your own site, from

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