Check out a preview of the merchandising terror that awaits us this summer when Terminator: Salvation hits theaters. While I would like to think they're rough prototypes, they look pretty darn finished ... and wow -- these remind me of the action figures we had back in the 80s, the ones that looked absolutely nothing like Harrison Ford or Mark Hamill. I thought today's children were going to be safe from that kind of disappointment.

As bad as they are (are those happy cyborgs?), there's actually a little Sam Worthington spoiler involved in the next set, which I'm including after the jump. As Slashfilm notes, it's not technically a spoiler if you were watching the trailer and putting two and two together, and the marketing will probably let it slip anyway. But just in case, I'm putting the next photos after the jump -- and then including our Terminator: Salvation gallery so you can remember what Christian Bale actually looks like. That is supposed to be Bale, right?

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