While I'm sure no film could compete with the drama that would plague the Earth if Fox succeeds in delaying Watchmen, there are still a horde of serious, troubling, tear-wrenching, and romantic dramas coming our way in 2009. The ante was increased tenfold in 2008 with films like the gut-wrenching Dear Zachary, but what of our new year?

2009 boasts:

Not Easily Broken -- Struggling romance, re-evaluation, life-changing accidents -- the usual romantic and dramatic fare.
Yonkers Joe -- This is what happens when I Am Sam meets The Sopranos.
Notorious -- A "notorious" one of the B.I.G. variety.
Killshot -- A husband and wife (Thomas Jane and Diane Lane) get entangled with a con artist (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and over-the-hill hitman (Mickey Rourke).

Free Style -- A race to a motocross title with a High School Musical star whose name sounds like a sandwich (Corbin Bleu).
New York, I Love You -- Paris, je t'aime for the Big Apple Crowd. *This film is no longer listed for release in February, but TBD Spring 2009.
Two Lovers -- Typical romance, but with a stellar cast that ranges from Isabella Rossellini to Joaquin Phoenix to Elias Koteas.
Crossing Over -- Another look at immigrants in LA.
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