A brand spanking new Japanese Watchmen trailer has arrived online, featuring a good chunk of fresh scenes not included in any of the other trailers or behind-the-scenes videos. Surprisingly, it's heavy on the Nixon stuff for some reason while also highlighting Fidel Castro, JFK and the threat of nuclear war. The domestic trailers, however, barely showed these political leaders -- instead focusing more on the superhero/action aspect of the film -- which just goes to show the different ways they're marketing this flick to audiences all over the globe. The release date of March 28th at the end is, in fact, limited to Japan, so don't go freaking out yet -- Fox hasn't managed to delay our March 6th release, and if they want Wolverine to be successful with the fanboy community, they'll find a way to work this sucker out and allow Watchmen to hit theaters on time. But enough of my babbling, check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

Update: The latest Watchmen journal, which talks about the Minutemen, can be found over on Apple.