Continuing with our 2009 preview series, I've got an overview of what awaits us (non-comic-book) sci-fi/fantasy geeks this coming year.


- Coraline (Feb. 6) - Henry Selick + Neil Gaiman + some awfully creepy button-eyes.
- Push (Feb. 6) - Solely because Paul McGuigan (Wicker Park, Lucky Number Slevin) makes lovely, elegant films.
- Star Trek (May 8) - I'm kind of a Trekkie. Plus, that trailer.
- Game (Sep. 4) - Neveldine/Taylor are genre geniuses; if anyone can breathe new life into the futuristic-video-game genre, it's them.
- Pandorum (Sep. 4) - No pedigree, but that concept is right up my alley.
- 9 (Sep. 9) - Looks like beautiful, hyperstylized, post-apocalyptic sci-fi; sold.
- The Box (Nov. 6) - Because "extended Twilight Zone episode" isn't a criticism, it's a compliment.
- Avatar (Dec. 18) - You know why.