When was the last time you watched The Breakfast Club? And I mean really watched the film -- and not some cruddy edited version on TNT? The original version has been airing commercial-free on some cable stations recently, and I watched it the other day completely forgetting how much fun it is when the flick airs all in one piece, with its pot smoking and cursing and awesome '80s teen angst. Not long ago, the documentary American Teen recreated the classic Breakfast Club poster with its real-life characters, and now the above fan-created poster -- featuring our favorite breakfast cereal characters -- has popped up over on IronicSans. Maybe my nasty head cold has me a little stuffed up and not thinking straight, but I think I want to see that movie ... like, soon. The taglines on the poster crack me up -- definitely check out the full version down below, then tell us which breakfast cereal character is your favorite.

Updated: Thanks to techstar25 for reminding us of the video below ... I guess, well, yeah -- Simpsons Family Guy did it!

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