Once again, we're sending some love to our warped friends over at Worth1000 for their latest brilliant photoshop contest. This time they asked readers to take any celebrity and place them in a different time period. So, for example, above you see WALL-E making a cameo in a Charlie Chaplin movie (my personal favorite). Or, you could take, say, Charlie Chaplin and photoshop him into an image from 2009. Get the idea? Folks were all over the place with this one -- from Marilyn Monroe starring in The House Bunny to Casablanca starring George Clooney, Nicole Kidman and Christian Bale, you'll no doubt find some fascinating imagery in this particular contest, even if some of them are just so very wrong. Check out our favorites in the gallery below, and the rest over at Worth 1000.

[via Superpunch]
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