I guess I was early to the party when I bemoaned the lack of superheroine movies and Thera Pitts was fashionably on time. Her editorial on Rope of Silicon has set the blogosphere on fire, prompting hundreds of comments on Jezebel alone ... and an incredibly short-sighted rant by Josh Tyler of Cinema Blend.

Guess what ladies? If you went to see Spider-Man or The Dark Knight, it was merely because there wasn't a romantic comedy for you to go see. Girls only like Julia Roberts movies and not "boy things" like superheroes. Tyler writes, "Wishing for more female superhero movies is kind of like longing for more Sex and the City knockoffs with all-male casts. It'll never work and it's not because of sexism or Hollywood bias or whatever rabble rousing labels you want to throw on it. It'll never work simply because men and women have different interests. There's a reason Wonder Woman is the only noteworthy solo female superhero anyone can name. It's because men like superheroes, men wish they could be superheroes, and it's men who see superhero movies and read superhero comic books." So, back to the kitchen and make those comic-book reading boys some pie, ladies. You like girl things, and Wolverine isn't a girl thing at all.

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