Regardless of when Watchmen actually hits theaters, you bet your brand new Dr. Manhattan lunch box that Warner Bros. will make sure their film is mentioned in the press at least once a day. Heck, we live in a world right now where this sort of battle-trial between studios is the perfect marketing ploy. It's like watching two girls fight over the same guy -- automatically, that guy becomes more in demand. In the latest update, Warners wants to have the judge's January 20th decision (in which he'll decide whether to issue an injunction against the film's March 6 release) moved up to an earlier date because, in their opinion, "time is critical." And it is ... since Warners wants to spend tons on marketing the film prior to its release. Read more about this mess over at The Hollywood Reporter.

Meanwhile, in our quest to see the entire film before a decision on its release is even made, Total Film has unveiled a set of new images (one of which you can see above). Although it's hard to go viral (a la The Dark Knight) with a film that's set in 1985, /Film tells us of a new viral site for the film centered on the fictional right-wing magazine The New Frontiersman, which comes up frequently throughout the graphic novel. There's nothing but the image of The Minutemen and a book with some tape around it right now, but apparently that tape will break in the coming days revealing a whole mess of goodies. Keep an eye out for it. Also, speaking of graphic novel tie-ins, the animated Tales of the Black Freighter feature -- which will appear on the Watchmen DVD -- has been rated R for violent and grisly images.

Until we're told differently, Watchmen is set to arrive in theaters and on IMAX screens on March 6.
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