I swear, sometimes it feels like folks are getting all their inspiration from Back to the Future II. Earlier this week, Vuzix introduced a new pair of video eyewear that kinda looks like the glasses worn by the future McFly kids in BTTFII. These, however, aren't for talking on the phone -- instead, you'll be able to watch video that provides an effect as if you're looking at a 60-inch monitor from nine feet away. Not only that, but apparently you'll still be able to see out of the glasses while watching the video (hello car accidents) ... and look uber stylish the entire time!

No word on pricing or what the video resolution is (two very important factors, in my opinion), but The Wrap 920AV will be compatible with iPod, iPhone, Portable DVD Players, Media Players, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Cellular phones with video out, Video Game Systems, PCs and Laptops with S-Video. Is has a 30 degree field of view, noise-canceling earphones, weighs less than three ounces and works on 2 AA batteries for six hours. Optional accessories include a stereo camera pair and a clip-on, six degrees of freedom head tracking system.

So whaddya think? You buying one?