It's been nearly three four decades since Wes Craven made his mark on the horror scene with The Last House on the Left, and he's recently grown more adept at merely producing remakes of his own work, such as 2006's take on The Hills Have Eyes -- which I found to be a perfectly nasty piece of work (yes, that's a compliment).

Well, at the risk of sounding completely and utterly immoral, I find myself similarly intrigued by this new trailer (watch below or over on Apple) for this new take on Last House, in which Sara Paxton gets seriously bullied by some local punks, who in turn unwittingly seek refuge with understandably vengeful parents Monica Potter and Tony Goldwyn. Scott, our resident horror-hound whose assessment of the original I happen to agree with (overrated, though not without merit), had this much to say after watching the trailer: "Uhh, motel room? She survives? Microwave? Eep. Nice to see Tony Goldwyn getting work, though."

Okay, I'll give him the somewhat silly microwave bit, but other than that, I think this looks like an interesting enough revenge thriller that doesn't totally upend the original. And kudos to Rogue Pictures or whoever they have handle their trailers -- the ones for this, The Strangers, and The Unborn work pretty well, even when the final films*cough*Unborn*cough*don't.

Whoa-whoa-oh, sweet trailer of mine...