It appears that the only way for Sandra Bullock to make us grateful for her merely tepid rom-com fare (see: the trailer for this summer's The Proposal) was to offer something worse in comparison. As such, here's a trailer (watch below or over on Yahoo) for this spring's All About Steve, in which her bumbling Mary falls for eponymous cameraman Bradley Cooper -- despite indications that his interests fall elsewhere.

What Steve doesn't seem to understand is that Mary appears to be... um, well, how you say, special.

By which I mean mentally deficient.

Oh, how she loves her red boots and drives through hurricanes after one-night stands and snickers at her own jokes and has hair like a Pomeranian and splits Moon Pies with strangers and falls down gaping holes in the ground while anchor Thomas Haden Church reports nearby -- isn't that all just melon-farmin' adorable?!? No wonder this puppy's attached to Bride Wars this weekend.

Oh, wait -- I'm actually being informed that her character is merely 'quirky' and 'eccentric'. Go figure.

All About Steve (which has no discernable connection to Fox's own 1950 classic, All About Eve) is opening on March 6th, 2009, and I suddenly understand why the studio is so desperate to get Watchmen bumped back.