After watching the trailer for Ashton Kutcher's romantic 'dramedy' Spread, I can't help but think this film could be much better than this first promo would have us believe. So maybe this first glimpse isn't going to 'wow' you right off the bat, but the combination of a May-December story with Kutcher in the lead makes you think the film might have something to say other than 'ain't love grand'.

Spread is the story of Nicki, a top-notch womanizer (Kutcher) whose player lifestyle is brought to a screeching halt by two very different women. Anne Heche also stars (in a role originally occupied by Jennifer Jason Leigh) as the older woman whom Kutcher is involved with when he meets an enigmatic waitress (played by Margarita Levieva) who is just a little more 'age-appropriate'. But, when true love knocks, it isn't exactly what Nicki has in mind, and judging by the terribly 'earnest' music being played over the second half of the trailer, you know that there will be few life-lessons learned along the way.

Spread was written by first-time screenwriter Jason Dean Hall, with David Mackenzie at the helm. It was just announced that the film was being added to the Sundance line-up (but only on the non-competition roster). Spread is expected to arrive in theaters later this year, so I would assume that Kutcher and company will be doing a hard sell out in Utah to generate a little buzz. Sound off below on whether you think Kutcher is forever cursed with being Kelso, the lovable goofball, or can he make the move to being a bona-fide leading man?

UPDATE: The trailer has been removed at the request of Katalyst Films, but stay tuned, and we will let you know when something a little more official comes our way.