If there's one thing you can't call Mark Waters -- it's "genre stuck." The man has brought us some pretty crappy romcoms, a family-friendly remake, an adventure movie, a film too often compared to Heathers, and one of my all-time favorites -- The House of Yes. And now, aside from the sequel to Mean Girls (he's listed as director on IMDb), The Hollywood Reporter posts that he's in final negotiations to helm a new comedy called Minimum Wage.

Penned by Tegan West and Scott Atkinson, the film will focus on "a corrupt corporate executive who is convicted of fraud and sentenced to a year living on minimum wage in the town his company bankrupted." Now that is one heck of a unique punishment. Georgia Rule with older folks and hopefully less off-camera shenanigans? I'm sure he'll get charmed with small-town life just like Doc Hollywood. If only things like this could actually happen -- there are lots of bankrupting businessman who could use some stern rural lessons.

I can only hope that in the middle of all of his big-money films, he can get back to his roots. Waters may have surpassed The House of Yes, but it would still be nice to see him take on some sassy, verbally-heavy work -- he does a heck of a job shooting head-spinning dialogue. But for now, we'll have to settle for The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Let's just hope it's not another Just Like Heaven or Head Over Heels.
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