My Life in Ruins

Nia Vardalos, writer and star of the My Big Fat Greek Wedding and its mercifully short-lived TV version My Big Fat Greek Life stars as an American working as a tour guide in Greece. Apparently she finds romance with a creepy bus driver who likes to be called "Poopy," which is one of the reasons something stinks so badly about this one. The ruination begins on May 8.

Watchmen (Japanese trailer)

I'm almost at the point where I think I should stop watching the new Watchmen trailers (yes, I know, "Who watches the Watchmen?"), but I've read the graphic novel many times so the possiblity of spoilers is slim. There's some footage here we haven't seen before including shots of a cranky old Richard Nixon and a look at how the Kennedy assasination plays out in the Watchmen universe.

The Hurt Locker
Based on reporter Mark Boal's experiences in Iraq, this one is about a team of soldiers whose specialty is the disposal of explosive ordnance. No release info yet.

The Slammin' Salmon (Red Band Trailer)
"You have to dominate the swordfish. Only then can you sautee it," explains Michael Clarke Duncan's character in this comedy from the folks behind Super Troopers, right after he punches said swordfish in the face. The title refers to the restaurant where the film is set, a place where shenanigans reign supreme apparently. This may have some moments but I predict a long life in rotation on Comedy Central. No release info yet.

Dance Flick (International Trailer)
This new international trailer has footage we didn't see in the domestic version but I'm still not seeing any compelling reason to go see this latest from the Wayans brothers. If you disagree you'll have your chance on August 14.

Captain Berlin Vs. Hitler
Although the trailer promises a February 2009 release I doubt we'll be seeing this German super hero comedy here in the states any time soon. I question whether the premise is even strong enough to carry a feature, but this preview is pretty neat in a schlocky kind of way. The disembodied brain of Hitler and Dracula threaten to destroy all that is good in the world, but standing in their way is "the one and only German super hero: Captain Berlin!" This appears to be a filmed stage play but the most interesting part is that Jorg Buttgereit is behind this. Buttgereit directed Nekromantik (a story about a love triangle involving a man, a woman, and a corpse) which was one of the darkest most unpleasant films I've ever seen, so I'm curious to see his take on a super hero comedy.

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