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11:02.5pm -- Oh, that's all, folks! No wacky outtakes so far as I can tell. Well, take it easy, the lot of ya.

11:02pm -- Who's more eager to jump the gun tonight: the orchestra, or the man with his hand on the FCC silencer-o-matic?

11:00pm -- Tom Cruise presenting Best Drama. Winner is... Slumdog Millinah! Not undeserved, but again, a particularly international film striking a chord with an especially foreign press. With the Oscars, who knows, but its Best Picture nomination at least remains a sure thing.

10:58pm -- And here we are, sixty-four minutes into this final hour of ours and counting. I'll stay if you'll stay, folks.

10:53pm -- I can't do Rourke's gratitude justice. Trust me on this. Christ, he's even going on about his dogs, and who's to stop him? That orchestra, of course.

10:51pm -- Best Actor in a Drama would be... drum roll... The Wrestler's Mickey Rourke! F'n A!
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