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9:00pm -- I now turn you over to Mr. Erik Davis, who might not type as quickly as I do, but his thoughts are a lot more interesting than mine. Plus I can't watch any more of these commercial breaks. I need some Futurama. G'night!

8:58pm -- Demi-goddess Moore is giving out Best Supporting Actor (Not Drama, Though), and it goes to the late Heath Ledger. Predictable, OK, but still classy.

-- Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore swoop in with a collective cackle and give the Best Mini-Series / TV Movie Prize to John Adams. Tom Hanks accepts the award for Mr. Adams, who has been dead since 1826.

-- Donnie Darko hypes Benny Button: "It's a fable for our time." Groan.

8:50pm -- Commercial Break Poetry

There once was a movie called Howard the Duck
And dear sweet lord did that movie suck.

Also: I love Isla Fisher, but her "big starring role" movie looks like canned migraine.

8:47pm -- Sally Hawkins? More like Sally Talkins! (Oh snap.)

8:43pm -- The always-cool Johnny Depp is on to give out Best Actress (Musical, Comedy or Musical Comedy), and he hands it to Sally Hawkins for Happy-Go-Lucky, which would be considered a big shock if this was the Oscars and not the Globes. (Sorry.)

8:40pm -- See, I was originally supposed to do hour two and not hour one. If I'd done that, "the Jonas brothers" would have been in bed by now, and I wouldn't be feeling 121 years old just for not knowing who they are.

Anyways, the category is Best Animated Film. Winner, of course, is the wonderfully awesome Wall-E. I'm just hitting PUBLISH now. It hasn't actually won yet.