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9:54pm -- Handing it off to Mr. William Goss for the final lap. Be nice to him. Now switch over here.

Commercial Break: ... wonders if Heath Ledger is watching this ceremony from heaven

9:47pm -- Why does David Duchovny look like he wants to spray the audience with an Uzi? Best Actress TV Series ... Tina Fey, 30 Rock. But Mary Louise Parker takes award for Wow, Does She Look Good for 44!

9:42pm -- I love how each person sounds a bit more intoxicated. P. Diddy with Kate Beckinsale (I'd see that rom-com, you?) presenting Best Score to ... Slumdog Millionaire.

Commercial Break: I wonder which A-lister is close to puking under their table?

9:34pm -- Best TV Series (Comedy) goes to David Duchovny's sex addiction30 Rock. How wasted is Tracy Morgan right now?

9:31pm -- Kiefer Sutherland laughing at his own nomination for Best Actor in a TV Miniseries. Classic. How about we just give John Adams the win in every category they're up for and trim some time off this sucker. Oh wait, I think they just did win in every category they're up for.

9:30pm -- Clip from The Reader. My wife wonders "Why is Kate Winslet always naked?"

Commercial Break: On the news tonight: Someone had a "sexcapade (sp?)" in a hotel tonight before being murdered!Who uses the word sexcapade?

9:22pm -- And the nominee for most awkward presentation moment so far goes to Amy Poehler and McDreamy goes to Amy Poehler and McDreamy for tripping over each other to say, "And the Golden Globe goes to ...". Alec Baldwin took it for Best Actor in a TV Series for 30 Rock. My wife thinks "Tina Fey is so ugly."

9:19pm -- Seth Rogen's Mickey Rourke cocaine comment was kinda awkward -- meanwhile Mickey's like, "Screw twenty years ago -- I'm still up for it, dude!" Slumdog Millionaire's Simon Beaufoy wins Best Screenplay!