By Scott Weinberg (original publication date: 4/27/08 -- Tribeca Film Festival)

Dying Breed is to horror movies what your favorite sandwich is to meal-time. And by that I mean this: It ain't exactly new. If I described the plot like this -- four well-intentioned but ill-equipped young adults travel into a very dangerous part of the world only to become victims of something horrific -- you'd probably start yawning right about ... now. So on the surface, Jody Dwyer'sDying Breed is a pretty familiar affair. Having said that, it's still got quite a few more assets than many of its ilk -- plus it's actually kinda creepy, impressively well-shot, and really quite gruesome on several occasions. So while sure, it's a fairly familiar old sandwich, it's still a sandwich that was put together with some actual effort, which is nice.

A bit more specifically: Two young couples decide to trek deep into the island of Tasmania. One of the four is looking for A) a species of wild tiger that's believed to be extinct, and B) a few reasons as to why her big sister died in the area eight years earlier. Along for the ride are a boyfriend, a wise-ass, and the wise-ass' girlfriend. (I'm actually doing the actors a disservice by describing their characters that way. They're not exactly mega-deep characters, but all four of the young actors deliver some surprisingly strong work here.) The first stop is a pub that's pretty much crawling with sweaty inbreds and drooling perverts, but after one stressful evening the quartet hits the rapids in search of deepest Tasmania. And boy oh boy is something nasty waiting for them to arrive.

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