Admit it, just the other day you were thinking to yourself: "Ya know, I'm gonna watch the Golden Globes this year, but I wish the show came with a whole bunch of intelligent, life-changing snarky commentary from some of my favorite Cinematical writers." Well we heard your cries for quality entertainment, and we're answering them with yet another year of (dare I say brilliant) awards live blogging, beginning with the much-anticipated return of the Golden Globes.

Tonight at 8pm EST, please tune your ridiculously short attention span to where Scott Weinberg, William Goss and yours truly will be rockin' your world in real time. Additionally, we'll be updating the winners as they're announced -- so you don't have to do anything except show up in your underwear ready to party like an online movie writer who's got nothing better to do on a Sunday night. Yeah! We're excited! See you there ...

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