Ridiculousness on film can work quite well. Wanted rocked a world where cars can do unheard-of things and bullet trajectories can be curved. Zoolander made male models-turned-assassins a hoot. Unfortunately, on the flip side of all that, there's the films that just don't get it. Either they have no urge to and want to be stupid in the least enjoyable way, or they try and just miserably fail.

Take your pick at what the above falls into -- the new trailer for the upcoming comedy Miss March. As the story goes -- a high school dude has a girlfriend he's about to have sex with. But then he falls into a coma for four years, and awakens to find out that his love now shows her private bits to the masses through Playboy. With the help of his friends, they decide to storm the castle mansion and get the girl -- while also partying with the rest of the bunnies. Like any road trip movie -- there are hijinx ... ridiculously over-the-top hijinx that include firetrucks full of psycho fireman and tongues that can unlock locks.

As I see it, Miss March might ensnare some dudes overflowing with pubescent fantasies of breasts, die-hard Craig Robinson fans, or those heavily under the influence, but the masses? Naw. Do you agree? Weigh in below.