Back in September, the oddest paparazzi picture ever taken of Eva Longoria-Parker surfaced. She was snapped leaving Marvel Studios (arguably the heart of geekdom on Earth) with a nice stack of The Avengers.

The natural assumption was naturally that she might be up for a part in the future Avengers movie, with the most popular guess being Wasp. No one has managed to ask her until Ryan Seacrest trapped her on the Golden Globes' red carpet. If there was something more surprising than seeing Longoria with a stack of Avengers comics, it might have been that Seacrest had done his research, and knew his Wasp from his Wonder Woman.

According to MTV, Longoria said the rumors weren't true, but that she'd love to take be an Avenger if the oppertunity presented itself. So, to those who didn't want to see a Desperate Housewife battling the villains of the Marvel Universe, you can breathe a sigh of relief. For now, anyway. Remember, no one but Robert Downey Jr. is set to be an Avenger right now, so all bets could be off by next year.

But you do have to wonder ...what was she doing with that stack of comics? I will happily believe she might be the comic reading type, but traveling all the way to Marvel Studios for some new issues seems a little extreme. But hey, maybe that's where Hollywood fans have their hold slot -- although I can't believe Marvel HQ wouldn't bag and board for such clients.
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