The 25th annual Sundance Film Festival is finally upon us (opening night is this Thursday), and while we dig ourselves out from under piles upon piles of publicist emails, here's another trailer for a film that just made our extremely-selective 10 most anticipated list. Cinematical has a 10 most anticipated? Where? I didn't see it. That's because we haven't posted it yet -- look for the list to arrive tomorrow night. That said, The Missing Person stars Michael Shannon, Amy Ryan and Frank Wood, and it was written and directed by Noah Buschel.

Here's a snippet from the Sundance film guide description (more over here): "John Rosow is a private detective prone to sardonic wit, gin, and the endless repercussions of what happens when you mix the two. Powerful lawyer Drexler Hewitt wants Rosow to tail a mysterious middle-aged man who is traveling with a Mexican boy from Chicago to Los Angeles. Hewitt's loyal, stern assistant, Miss Charley, waits at the door with cash and instructions. But when Rosow hits Santa Monica, his objective changes: now he has to bring the man back to New York-for a cool half mil. Through his various dealings with an odd cast of characters-a cabdriver who knows his Catholic saints, a Segway-riding L.A. cop, meddling FBI agents, and femme fatales-Rosow begins to unravel the strange tale of the missing middle-aged man and learns something about himself along the way." Very cool modern-day noir caper -- check out the trailer below.