Just when you thought your favorite stars from High School Musical were graduating from the big-screen forever, it looks like Vanessa Hudgens (aka Oops, Remember When I Accidentally Took Naked Pictures of Myself) is auditioning for a role in another blockbuster franchise -- only this time she'll get to show her teeth. According to MTV, Hudgens has auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater in the Twilight sequel, New Moon. Ah, but don't go hoping for tons of biting and sucking on Hudgens' part -- see, Clearwater is a female werewolf who's described as bitter and cynical, and eventually antagonizes Jacob because he's still in love with Bella ... who's about to marry Edward and become a vampire too. The character is also featured in the third and fourth books, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, which means there's a good chance Hudgens would sign for the franchise.

Summit would be smart to cast Hudgens in a role since she'd most definitely bring her High School Musical fanbase (most of which are probably Twilight fans already). Oh, and seeing as she's a total hottie, one might argue that her casting could entice more boys to scope out the sequel. With a bigger budget, a new director (Chris Weitz) and a host of familiar teen names, could New Moon break more box office records when it hits theaters on November 20, 2009?

What do you Twilight fans think of Hudgens? Too cutesy to play a werewolf, or perfect for the role?
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