Now that almost everyone in the cast (holds fist in air, screams "Cera!") has mentioned that they'd be up for an Arrested Development feature film, we turn to any piece of plot information we can get our creepy little perverted hands on. Series creator Mitch Hurwitz was out promoting the new animated showSit Down, Shut Up (as executive producer) -- which also features Will Arnett and Jason Bateman in its voice cast -- during the TCA press tour, and he provided a much-needed update with regards to a big-screen Arrested Development outing. Hurwitz says, "We want to do it, we have a deal more or less in place from Fox Searchlight, and we're kind of getting all the actors on board."

Sounds good -- a lot of this is stuff we've already known -- but then Hurwitz went and dropped the story bomb on everyone. Do you wanna know what this film will be about? Do you really wanna know? Because it's beyond crazy -- it's so freakin' out there you might need to sit (or lay) down, preferably in a relaxed position with one leg (left?) slightly bent. Ready? Here's what Hurwitz and the gang have planned plot-wise for the film: "We have a story, which is basically Valkyrie meets Hotel for Dogs." Wow. So does that mean the Bluth family will find themselves in a position where they have to hatch a plan to assassinate a group of Nazi dogs? Seems that way, based on that description.

What do you think the movie will be about?

[via Buzzsugar]
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