From barely-noticed blips in Hot Fuzz, to stunning elves, to time as Elizabeth I, Cate Blanchett has proven that she can do pretty much anything. And now she's itching to stretch the boundaries even further. In a discussion with MTV, the actress revealed that she has a new pet project that she'd like to star in called Cancer Vixen.

Sound a bit out of the norm? The project is based on Marisa Acocella's graphic novel about her fight with breast cancer in 2004-2005 -- a fight she happened to win without health insurance. While that doesn't say too much about the tone of the project, the following should clear it up a bit. In the animated short on the graphic novel's website, the vixen says: "Cancer, I am gonna kick your butt, and I'm gonna do it in killer, 5-inch heels." So basically, we're talking Carrie Bradshaw taking on Samantha's cancer fight.

Luckily, it doesn't sound like merely cancer and heels for the fashion-crazed Sex and the City fans. Blanchett is currently "developing it slowly and carefully," looking for a filmmaker who can handle the balance of tragedy and comedy.

Any thoughts on who should take the reins?
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