Our Norwegian friends over at Rush Blogg got their hands on the exclusive international poster for Dead Snow (or Død snø), that Sundance midnight film about a group of teenagers who go on a ski trip and accidentally have a run in with a whole host full of bloody Nazi zombies. (Don't you hate it when that happens?) One of the films on our 12 most anticipated list (which goes live a bit later on), Dead Snow looks to be the definite cultish talked-about midnight flick in Park City this year, especially if we can get a nice blizzard the day of its premiere. The poster itself -- which you can view in full over here -- features some dude with a bloody chainsaw standing over the head of, well, a Nazi zombie. If ever there was a film to top off the list of recent Holocaust-related movies, this has to be it. Dead Snow premieres at the famed Egyptian Theatre in Park City this Saturday night at midnight.