While my television tastes may have had a great deal of range in the '80s (everything from Buck Rogers to Living Dolls), few have stuck with me like Moonlighting. Dave and Maddie had the sort of chemistry that many Hollywood pairs could only dream of. Top that with the quirky Agnes DiPesto and goofy Herbert Quentin Viola, and one hell of a great dip into Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, and you had everything you could want in a detective show ... except a movie remake.

With the current addiction to revisiting '80s themes, it should come as no surprise that there is now talk of a Moonlighting movie (via Variety). However, unlike all of those reimaginings and stories for a new era, this project is being touted as a reunion. Oh, yes! It seems that creator Glenn Gordon Caron wants to reunite Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis for the series' 20th anniversary. Unfortunately, current reports say this will be a television movie, but maybe widespread interest could make it a big-screen feature? It would be perfect -- get a good story, do a good job making it, and you'll kill a lot of birds with one cinematic stone -- lovers of comedic thrillers, romance, and the original show, plus the baby boomers who are woefully left out of most Hollywood fare.

Right now, it's still a rumor, but it seems that both Bruce and Cybill are keen, and even shared "a couple of misty moments as they reminisced" recently. Here's to hoping that this is more than just a fleeting dream; I love, love, love this idea. It would be nice to see Hollywood not only pay tribute to ideas, but also the actors who made them a reality.

Would you go see a Moonlighting movie?
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