The last time I wrote about the neverending case against Roman Polanski back in December, he was looking to have that infamous sex charge dismissed. Since then, there have been demands that he surrender to the court, and others to get the case moved out of LA. But this latest twist makes things interesting: Varietyreports that Samantha Geimer, the victim in question, has taken her disapproval of the ongoing case a step further by submitting a court filing criticizing the Los Angeles District Attorney.

In the filing, Geimer talks about her disappointment with the DA's refusal to dismiss the case, and how "yet, one more time, given great publicity to the lurid details of those events, for all to read, again." She charges the office with going over those details just to pull attention away from accusations of wrongdoing, and says that Polanski's flight "was not voluntary, it was because the judicial system did not work." Moreover, she claims that the insistence that he return to courts is merely "a joke, a cruel joke being played on me."

Should Polanski not show up himself when the hearing begins on January 21, Geimer says she will be there to beg for dismissal. I doubt old Roman will be heading for Los Angeles any time soon, so do you think Geimer will be successful?
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