Hopefully, here's a couple of welcome tidbits for our geekier readers to enjoy (however that label goes defined).

Bloody Disgusting pal David Harley pointed out an Amazon link to Canada's legit Region 1 release of Spanish spooker [REC] in two weeks, on January 27th. This disc will play in American DVD players significantly better than Sony's non-existent release will (besides, if you and they both wait for Quarantine, what's the use of this anyhow?), and in American dollars, it still comes out to about twenty bucks.

Also, after being tied up in legal shenanigans for over a year, John Murphy's haunting score to Danny Boyle's Sunshine is now available on iTunes and bound to play significantly better than that makeshift bootleg of the album that had been making the rounds (thus, I won't bother linking to that here).

Thirdly... well, actually, that's all I've got for now. So, um, yeah. How've you been? Enjoying this January weather? Expected worse myself. Alright, gotta run. Say hi to your mother for me.
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