Brendan FraserWhen you were munching popcorn while watching blockbusters last summer, were you secretly wishing that swashbuckling adventure heroes Indiana Jones and Rick O'Connell could be teamed up together in a quiet, sensitive, modern-day medical drama? If so, then your sweet, hopeless dreams are about to be fulfilled!

Harrison Ford has already been announced as the star and producer of Crowley, based on the true story of the Crowley family, whose two children suffered from a rare genetic disorder (as Elisabeth R. kindly informed us last June). Ford is set to play a medical researcher, and now Brendan Fraser (AKA Rick O'Connell in Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon and other Mummy movies) is apparently ready to play the title role, according to Production Weekly, as reported by Coming Soon.

The movie is based on The Cure, a book by Wall Street Journal writer Geeta Anand. Crowley quit his job and started a biotechnology company so he could find scientists that could help keep his children alive. It sounds like a fascinating story, but, frankly, it's hard to imagine Fraser doing the role justice. The only time he's hinted at deeper reservoirs was in The Quiet American; other than that, it's been almost entirely light comedies and adventures. He just turned 40; will this be his breakout part? Can he surprise us all? Will Harrison Ford blow him off the screen? Look out, residents of Portland, Oregon: Crowley will start filming there in April.

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