We wondered who could possibly fill Mr. Miyagi's shoes in the new Karate Kid remake, and now the news is officially here. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Jackie Chan is in negotiations to take the part. So, barring failed talks, we'll soon see Chan waxing on and waxing off. Can't say it's much of a surprise. Chan is old enough to look like he's been around the block, and he definitely has the chops to kick some Karate Kid ass into shape. Whether he can look unassuming and weak, as Erik pointed out, remains to be seen.

In less thrilling news, a director has finally been picked -- Harald Zwart. While he's far from a Hollywood abomination, his resume doesn't inspire much confidence: One Night at McCool's, Agent Cody Banks, and The Pink Panther 2. So I'm betting we'll get one of those fluffy family features that does alright at the box office, but doesn't inspire much critical love or lasting fandom. I mean, the last one had the guy behind Rocky. (Okay, okay, John Avildsen was also the guy behind A Night in Heaven, but it was the '80s. I'll give the dude some benefit of the doubt since he went on to helm Lean on Me and The Power of One.)

So, does Chan fit in the Miyagi mould, or are you officially steering clear of this remake?
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