Forget the cinematic adventures of Steve McQueen as a husband and friend. While a former McQueen wife might have sold the rights to her book back in 2007, nothing seems to have come of it. A year and a half later, it's time for a different approach, one that focuses on the McQueen we all know and love -- Hollywood star and rebel.

Variety reports that producers Christine Peters and Michael Cerenzie have nabbed the rights to Marshall Terrill's biography Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel. (See? Doesn't that sound better already?) The book will be whipped up into a feature that covers the actor's Hollywood career, which started in 1956, his "penchant for motorcycles, fast cards, and drugs, his relationship with Ali McGraw, and go right through his battle with lung cancer." Right now, there's no writer or director attached, but Peters and Cerenzie say that they're about to get the latter set.

Once that's done and the script is ready, it'll be casting time once again. Will Daniel Craig young himself up and grab the role? You might remember that before the ex was selling her memories, McQueen's widow was musing over 007 playing Steve -- and she's agreed to cooperate with this film, so I'd bet they'll at least consider him. But if not Craig ... Who?
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