Everyone has that one friend. Ya know, you'll be in the midst of some conversation about bagels and Tetris when all of a sudden you throw out a quote from Star Wars as a joke, but the other person looks back at you kinda clueless. And then some variation of the following occurs:

You: Um ... Star Wars?
Them: Oh, I've never seen Star Wars.
You: OMG! WTF! Is there a button somewhere on your body that lets me unfriend you, like, now?
Them: Yeah, I've never seen it. So what? I don't get what the big friggin' deal is -- it's just a stupid movie.
You: Please go away and tell the devil I'm onto him ...

Well the above apparently happened to one dude, and instead of ditching his friend immediately and calling the police, he decided to ask his female friend to recall what she did know about Star Wars -- based on the little bits and pieces she'd seen over the years -- and then created this pretty hysterical video. Check it out below. How many of your friends haven't seen Star Wars?

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.