In the midst of battling Coco Chanel biopics, the first image of Audrey Tautou (Amelie) as the legendary fashion figure has just emerged over at Vanity Fair. I'll admit that after getting my first look at Tautou in that famous 'Coco recline', it is starting to make perfect sense that an entire biopic was shaped around the French actress. If nothing else, you have to admit the the lady is a dead ringer for the style icon.

Coco Avant Chanel was partly based on Edmonde Charles-Roux's book, L'Irrégulière: Ou, Mon Itinéraire Chanel, and was adapted for the screen by Christopher Hampton (Dangerous Liaisons) and Anne Fontaine, who is also directing. The film will not attempt to tell the entire life story of Chanel, probably because it would be impossible to contain that much fabulousness in one film. Instead, Fontaine will be focusing on some of the highlights of Chanel's youth, and what would any biopic be without a little dirt? Some of the juicier bits in the story will include Chanel's time as a cabaret singer, and her love affairs with the influential and powerful men that helped her break into the fashion world.

After a long delay, the project finally kicked into high gear last summer, and shooting began back in September. Now that Tautou is officially the first Chanel we have seen, you can't help but wonder if the rest are going to suffer by comparison -- I mean, I still haven't gotten my head around the casting of Demi Moore. So much like the label that shares the lady's name, it looks like Fontaine and company are also going to have to put up with their fair share of 'knock-offs'.

Coco Avant Chanel should arrive in theaters later this year.
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